Unexpectedly engaging new generations

In March, Rotarian Peters Kalu, a past former district Youth Exchange chair, showed an End Polio Now video to students in his Human Resources management class in Aba, Nigeria. Much to his surprise, his students were extremely enthusiastic about the video and the global fight to eradicate polio.

“I never thought this video could bring us to this point, I never thought it could become a tool for recruiting the new generation; I never thought it could ever touch the Millennial/Y generation. I just showed them how Rotary has persistently pursued the end of Polio since before they [my students] were born and how Rotary helped to save them from being like the crippled children they saw in the video. I told them that Rotary is now in the last lap, in the final push to put an end to the menace of polio and that they can join in this effort. They asked, ‘How can we help?’ And I replied, ‘By becoming Rotaractors.’ Immediately, 13 students enthusiastically stood up. They have since started sharing fellowship in Eziama-Sunrise Rotaract Club and they await their induction. Two of these young persons have already invited their friends to become Rotaractors.”

Videos, as Rotarian Peters Kalu discovered, are a great tool for attracting and engaging the next generation of potential Rotarians. In addition to the End Polio Now video, RI has produced an animated video aimed at young people that demonstrates the value of participating in New Generations programs. The video focuses on how Rotary can help young people volunteer, grow as leaders, and experience new cultures.

Consider sending the Polio video and the New Generations video to young people in your community who can share it with their friends!


2 thoughts on “Unexpectedly engaging new generations

  1. This year’s booth was unique: This Is Rotary poster in six languages, End Polio Now new poster. Many Rotarians visited and signed. In Sydney 105th Convention, this booth should be bigger, with: more material about Future Vision, Global Grants, Rotary Basics 2013,…etc., monitor to show Public Image success stories in several countries…. etc

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