Coordinators Attend Lisbon Convention

Convention 2013

More than 75 coordinators attended the 104th Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal from 23 to 26 June, 2013.

The work of these regional Rotary Foundation coordinators (RRFCs), Rotary coordinators (RCs), and Rotary public image coordinators (RPICs) was represented in a booth at the House of Friendship, a venue at the heart of the convention space.   A number of coordinators also served as panelists or moderators at the Convention for breakout sessions on membership, Rotary grants, building strong clubs, attracting younger members and effective fundraising.

Overall, the Convention offered a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn about the role of each of the coordinator programs. Several coordinators at the booth referenced the Rotary International Strategic Plan to explain how the three coordinator groups are linked together.  Attendees were also able to learn about the work of their own regional coordinators, and used the regional coordinator directory to look up their contact information.

A few notable comments from coordinators at the booth:

  • “The booth was a great way for coordinators to meet their worldwide counterparts.”
  • “Most participants have questions about public image.”
  • “There were many questions about polio and worries about new cases being reported.”

All agreed this was a wonderful opportunity to promote the coordinator role to club and district leaders. A special thank you to the coordinators who organized the booth and shared their work with attendees at this year’s Convention!

Convention 2013 -3


2 thoughts on “Coordinators Attend Lisbon Convention

  1. Another chapter in enhancing Rotary Public Image, Rotary Coordinators’ activities and Rotary Foundation efforts to promote TRF worldwide and Rotary wide. We wait more in Sydney. Come and share..

  2. Pleased to find out that THIS IS ROTARY poster has confirmed its place in the Rotary world. First appeared in EgyptAir inflight magazine in Arabic, July 2012, it is now in ‘seven’ languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, Greek, Serbian and Turkish. It was also produced in ‘pin’ form worn by RIP Ron Burton 7 March this year. Poster or pin, it shows Rotary’s ‘six areas of focus’ for Rotarians and non-Rotarians. Will be pleased to see it in other languages.

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