RPIC Pablo Ruiz Amo featured on Rotary Voices blog

Rotary Public Image Coordinator Pablo Ruiz, a member of the Rotary Club of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain was recently featured on the Rotary voices blog.  Pablo writes:

“As a Rotary Public Image coordinator, I have the responsibility to do whatever I can to increase the public’s awareness of Rotary and what we stand for. The goal is of course to  increase membership.

In Spain and Portugal, we have just under 8,000 Rotarians, and our resources are certainly limited. When we saw that Korean Rotarians were leading all countries in the number of photos uploaded to the World’s Biggest Commercial, we were inspired to action. We knew we had to come up with a strategy to increase our participation.”

Read the full post, “Spain rises to the top of World’s Biggest Commercial.


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