An Embarrassingly Small Gift?

Written by PDG Helene A. Kalfuss, TRF EREY Coordinator, Zone 26

Is there any such thing as an embarrassingly small contribution to The Rotary Foundation? Just how much does it take to positively change a life? Rotarians may think that the Foundation wants them to contribute a minimum of US$100 per year when all they can afford is $25 or $10. They fear being scorned or embarrassed by making this small gift. Not so!

It is important that every member realize that whatever gift they can afford, no matter the amount, is just as important as what a major donor gives! We can do this by providing our members with an idea of what “things” cost in the TRF world. Most have no idea of how little it takes to change a life.


  • Just two cents a day can buy the Vitamin A needed to prevent blindness in a Vitamin A deficient child or adult.
  • $10 can buy two insecticide impregnated mosquito nets preventing the spread of malaria
  • $25 can fund an intraocular lens implant!

Sharing the impact of donors contributions helps develop a “culture of giving” which will continue year after year and encourage donors to increase their contributions when they are able. Our global contribution rate represents only 27 percent of our Rotarians. Isn’t it time we encouraged our less affluent members to support the Foundation at a level with which they are comfortable? Show them how their small contribution will make a huge difference!

As supporters of The Rotary Foundation, we know that contributions to the Annual Fund allow us to do good in our very own communities or in the world. Helping your clubs encourage every Rotarian to contribute every year means keeping in communication with them, providing ideas that might help and making frequent visits and presentations on EREY TRF program. You can help achieve 100 percent EREY participation by making sure that your members know that no contribution is too small or too big! When Rotarians understand the impact of their contributions, no matter the size, they will give.

EREY: 100 percent is a goal you can achieve!


1 thought on “An Embarrassingly Small Gift?

  1. Rotary does not differentiate when it comes to making the difference. All contributions are valued, especially by those who’s life is improved by them

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