Meet your moderator – John Lawrence

John LawrenceWritten by Christine Grodecki, Engagement Associate, Regional Coordinators Programs

While Moderator John Lawrence was in town for the moderator meeting in November, I had the opportunity to sit down with him and get to know him a little better.

John is from Brisbane, Australia and joined Rotary in November 1988. He has always been interested in international service and attended his first club meeting at a colleague’s suggestion. As we were talking, he discussed fond memories of his time spent in Thailand working on a project called “Children of the Golden Triangle.” The project built dormitories and toilet blocks, classrooms, and infrastructure for refugee hill-tribe orphans and children. He reminisced, “Nothing compares to the feeling of being grabbed around the ankles by a group of small children and knowing that you are directly impacting their lives in a meaningful way.”

He is passionate about supporting the Rotary Foundation. When soliciting new donors, John always talks about how accountable Rotary is to our donors. He reinforces our excellent record: almost every cent that is donated is used to fund projects. He says, “Rotarians make a difference with 1.2 million members worldwide.” He is excited about our shift towards measuring outcomes and worldwide impact. He hopes the data gained from these measurements can be shared with the world, truly impressing on others the impact Rotary makes worldwide.

We wrapped up our chat by talking about the upcoming 2014 Coordinators and Advisers Institute. John is extremely excited about bringing together the four groups of regional leaders. “It’s the perfect opportunity for them to share experiences with each other and start working together.” He feels the coordinators and advisers are especially important because they broaden their impact through training and communications and are “the conduit from the board and trustees to districts and clubs”.

Before John headed back into the moderator meeting, I asked him who he would interview if he could talk to anyone in the world. He answered almost immediately: Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, a microfinance organization.


2 thoughts on “Meet your moderator – John Lawrence

  1. I have seen Mohamed Younis, speaking to RI Convention, Bangkok and was sure that he deserves the Nobel Prize he has got. Working like a Rotary way brings many benefits to those who need us. And we are bound to expand ‘Rotatrianism’ in other regions and areas, in order to benefit more people who need our community service projects.

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