Engaging your audience via Facebook

At the 2014 Coordinator and Adviser Institute, RPIC Charlie Thorp shared how he uses Facebook to interact with Rotarian and non-Rotarian audiences. The key to his success: audience differentiation.

To help target the information he shares with various audiences, Charlie created a private Facebook page for his zone. He uses this page to communicate with districts in his region; keeping the information there strictly dedicated to Rotary subjects in his region.  One recent example was a post about availability of the new Quick Start Guide for Club Websites, found on the Brand Center.Picture1

Charlie also set up a public Facebook page, which he uses to communicate with a wider audience about Rotary. He shares more general Rotary stories and images on this page to better advance Rotary’s public image.  One recent example was a shared video of a great “What is Rotary” elevator speech.

Some best practices that Charlie uses for Facebook are:

  • Make Rotary part of your everyday life – share personal stories as well as Rotary stories that are important to you.
  • If you find articles about Rotary, pass them on.  Also share stories from your connections.
  • Balance out the Rotary focused posts with stories that have nothing to do with Rotary and are personally focused.
  • Share content that you would like to see.
  • Include strong visuals such as photos or graphs with your posts.

Interested in learning more about how you can engage with your audience via social media? Learn how to better connect with your local community and the power of images through these short “how-to” vignettes produced by Rotary International. Share these with your networks and let us know if there any topics you would like to learn more about!


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