Supporting districts as they plan an effective service project

During 2013-14, with the help of more than 35 Rotarian presenters, Rotary hosted a webinar series dedicated to the lifecycle of a service project.  The overall goal of this series was to help members make lasting improvements in communities around the world through the development of strong service projects. Thank you to the more than 2,400 folks who joined us for these webinars and gave everyone the opportunity to learn from each other and share their own best practices for success.

1. First, we focused on the concept of a project lifecycle. Read these top 10 tips for conducting a successful service project.

2. Before implementing a project, get to know the community you are working with. Performing a community assessment empowers people by giving them a voice in the process. Learn more about understanding the community.

3. You completed the community assessment and have created a project plan; now you just need the resources to carry out your project. Use these ten tips to secure the resources you need.

4. After you have secured the resources needed to complete your project, ensure your project is on track by following these ten best practices.

5. You’ve completed your project and now it’s time to measure your impact, identify successes and challenges, and promote the final project. Read these ten practical tips to help you develop an evaluation and promotion plan.

Want to learn more about Rotary service projects? View the recordings of each webinar in the series here, read about Rotary grants, and view completed projects.




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