Happy holidays!

Team photo_GROUPEDHappy Holidays from the Regional Leader Support team!

This holiday season we are especially thankful for you, our dedicated regional leaders and assistant coordinators whose passion for Rotary and diligence in the field furthers our impact in communities worldwide.  Because of your efforts, we are better positioned to increase our membership, be recognized publicly for the work we do, and strengthen our Foundation.

Your Evanston support team is looking forward to spending time with family and friends during the holidays. Over the next few weeks, members of our team are travelling around the world and the country to visit family and relax. Please be patient with us as our response time may be delayed.

Based on your first quarter reports, we are amazed by the outstanding communication and outreach efforts in each of your regions. As a regional leader group, you gave approximately 1,200 presentations, an increase from last year of 17 percent, on topics including strategic planning, Rotary grants, Rotary’s endowment fund, End Polio Now, and Strengthening Rotary.  More than half of you used Facebook to connect with Rotarians in your regions.  Regional leaders continue to use webinars and/or videoconferences to reach over 2,500 Rotarians, a 40 percent increase from last year. Additionally, almost 40,000 Rotarians received updates and expert advice from your newsletters, an increase of 60 percent!

Thank you again for the work you do on behalf of the organization and Rotarians around the world.  You are all champions of Rotary.

Best wishes for the holiday season, and Happy New Year!


13 thoughts on “Happy holidays!

  1. Happy Holidays to all of you, too. During 4 years it was my pleasure to work together with you, and your support to me and your dedication was so great. THANK YOU.
    Per Hylander, Rotary Coordinator Zone 16 2010-14

  2. Thank you for your Holiday Greetings and especially for the dedicated service you give to Rotary.
    Wishing you the “Best” during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.
    Glen Vanderford
    RC Zone 30

  3. Holiday Cheers to everyone ! Looking forward to working closely with the Regional leader Support Team ! As we say in Manila, MABUHAY !

    Ernesto “Ernie” Y. Choa
    RI Zone 7A
    Asst. Rotary Coordinator, RY 2012-2015
    Incoming Rotary Coordinator, RY 2015-2018

  4. Merry Christmas and a inspiring year 2015 with best regards from Austria D1910
    Herbert Ederer DRFC

  5. Wishing you each the best this Holiday Season has to offer. I look forward to working with you in the future.
    Steve Lemmon, to be RC Zone 25, 2015

  6. The same to you and all the staff in HQ, we cannot do our work without you!! May the new year be a blessed one. Kindest regards from South Africa.
    Steve du Plessis, Assist. RPIC Zone 20A South

  7. Michelle and all… you have each earned some time off and do enjoy the season with family and friends. Thanks so much for all you do for us as we share your enthusiasm for Rotary with those in our Zones. All the best for another great year of service to Rotarians and Rotary.


    Mac Wall
    Zone 30 RPIC

  8. Thank you for your wishes. Enjoy your season’s holidays.
    Thank you again for assistance you are giving me moving my first steps among the coordinators.
    See you in march!!
    Silvio Piccioni
    RRFC elect – Zones 12 & 13B

  9. In very few words, your support is outstanding and deeply appreciated. We wish you all many happy days in the New Year and good health

    Doros and Assistant Coordinators Zone 20B

  10. Dear support team,
    You are wonderful. Happy that you are enjoying holidays after working so hard to help us to make this world a better place to live for everyone.
    Wishing you all a great 2015.

    Sam Patibandla, RPIC, Zone 5

  11. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for all you do for us.

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