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Thanks to RPIC Gunes Ertas for this quick reference guide on using social media for Rotary. What do you think? Are there any tips or other sites that you use in your region?

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How membership and The Rotary Foundation go together

By RRFC Wyn Spiller, Zone 25

Each August, we celebrate membership and reflect on keeping our clubs attractive, engaging and fun. But we should really be celebrating Rotary membership all year long. From providing extraordinary opportunities to make a difference in our local communities and around the world, to the remarkable friendships we form by working together, The Rotary Foundation is a special part of the promise of Rotary. Attractive, engaging, fun…absolutely!

During the last few years, we have been encouraged to share our Rotary stories.  Many times we share a special moment when our hearts were touched, maybe it was when an elderly woman received a wheelchair and was given the gift of mobility for the first time, or seeing clean water pour from a newly constructed well, or maybe it was while working at an orphanage, comforting a little child, and realizing that love is a universal language.

In these moments, we realize that what we get back from Rotary is so much more than we give. These special moments don’t just occur halfway around the world, they occur right here at home, too – and so very often they are connected to our Rotary Foundation.

The Rotary Foundation celebrates members, too – great examples are found in all the Foundation projects featured on Rotary Showcase and in the areas of focus videos.  Members bring more hands to more projects, more leadership to address complex and significant issues, and more ways to create a healthier, more prosperous and hopeful world, and one ultimately filled with peace.

Rotary is such a wonderful gift – let’s each share it with someone new! And then share with them our (and now their) remarkable Rotary Foundation. Our Rotary Foundation, powered by our dollars, our service and our commitment, is sharing the promise of Rotary throughout the world, touching the lives of so many—and one of those lives, of course, is our very own.  Share the magic, share the promise, share The Rotary Foundation!