Happy Holidays from the Regional Coordinator Programs team!

Happy holidays from the Regional Coordinators program staff!

This Holiday season we are especially thankful for you, our dedicated regional coordinators and assistant coordinators whose passion for Rotary and diligence in the field furthers our impact in communities worldwide.  Because of your efforts, we are better positioned to increase our membership, be recognized publicly for the work we do, and strengthen our Foundation.

Your support team in Evanston is looking forward to spending time with family and friends during the holidays. This is especially true for Christine Sanders, Manager of the Regional Coordinators programs, who welcomed a baby girl into her family in November 2013.  Christine is out of the office until February 2014 and will see everyone at the 2014 Coordinators and Advisers Institute.

Based on your first quarter reports, we are amazed by the outstanding communication and outreach efforts in each of your regions. As a regional coordinator group, you gave approximately 1,000 presentations on topics including strategic planning, Rotary grants, End Polio Now, and Strengthening Rotary.  More than half of you used Facebook to connect with Rotarians in your regions.  25% of coordinators used webinars and/or videoconferences to reach over 1,000 Rotarians and 50% sent newsletters that, combined, reached 24,000 Rotarians!

Thank you again for the work you do on behalf of the organization and Rotarians around the world.  You are all champions of Rotary.

Best wishes for the holiday season, and Happy New Year!


1 thought on “Happy Holidays from the Regional Coordinator Programs team!

  1. With these five ‘stars’ in Evanston, we feel the well backing and support.
    We’ll begin 2014 with more enthusiasm, vigor and dedication to our Rotary goals of:
    Peace, Understanding, Community Service and Extension to new horizons.

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